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"Zhejiang Power Forum" lecture "enterprise innovation"

News source:Zhejiang Dongji Electric Co. Ltd.         Release time :2016-05-06         Browsing times:4656
Zhejiang electricity daily news August 25, sponsored by the provincial electric power company party the second phase of the "Zhejiang Power Forum" to "enterprise innovation" in the title in Hangzhou lecture. Party Secretary Xi Qiang he presided over the lecture, the company leadership Zhao Yiliang, Xi Qiang he and Shao bin Liang, Jiang Xueming, Hua Jun Shi, Jiang East China, Zhang Huai, attended the forum, company system units of more than 500 people listened to the lecture.
Today's lecture invited Tsinghua University School of economics and management, enterprise strategy and policy department director, Dr. tutor Professor Wei Jie speaker. The main content of the lecture is divided into three aspects: enterprise system innovation, enterprise strategy innovation, enterprise culture innovation, etc..
Xi Qiang he in Professor Wei Jie speech after speech pointed out that the power industry as a key state-owned enterprises related to national energy security and the lifeline of the national economy, shouldering provide a strong power to protect the responsibility for economic and social development. Therefore, we must take Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, stand in the strategic height of the development of the company, think carefully and adapt to the requirement of "two transformation", focusing on "a strong three excellent" Modern Corporation development goals, implement the group operation, intensive development, fine management philosophy, and absorb the new way of modern enterprise management, new experience, further emancipate the mind, change ideas, break the inertia of thinking and traditional habits, so that the work of the times, grasp the regularity, creative, so as to improve the enterprise scientific decision-making and scientific management level, realize the scientific development of the company, to ensure the sustained and healthy development of the electric power industry of our fast.


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