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Power grid to comprehensively promote energy-saving emission reduction work

News source:Zhejiang Dongji Electric Co. Ltd.         Release time :2016-05-06         Browsing times:4545

 Needham, Massachusetts, March 28, the Guangdong provincial government held meeting of job of complete province energy and convey the national power industry "on the big pressure is small, energy-saving emission reduction" work conference spirit, started the "Eleventh Five Year" period of small thermal power shut down work summary and deployment of energy work in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Provincial Committee, executive vice governor Zhong Yangsheng presided over the meeting, provincial committee, governor Huang Huahua attended the meeting and made an important speech, the Provincial Standing Committee and executive vice governor Huang Longyun summed speech. Chairman of the company, Guangdong Province, deputy head of the energy leading group Yuan Maozhen attended the meeting, and informed the power grid construction and development.
At the meeting, the Guangdong Grid Co and the Guangdong provincial government signed a "11th Five-Year" period of shutting down small thermal power unit liability.
Governor fully affirmed the southern power grid work can not be
Governor Huang Huahua in his speech pointed out that in recent years, Guangdong's economic and social good and fast development, began to into the track of scientific development, which the biggest bright spot is obvious changes occurred in the mode of economic growth, namely from the high input, high energy consumption, high pollution, low efficiency of the extensive growth, to high growth, high efficiency, low investment, low energy consumption, low pollution of the intensive growth change. Huang Huahua, special thanks to the great contribution of China Southern Power Grid Company for the economic development in Guangdong, he said, in the past few years, Guangdong's economy achieve sound and rapid development, "electricity vanguard" play an important role, the Guangdong provincial Party committee and government to forget not power system, forget not China Southern Power Grid.
Huang Huahua cited a string of numbers, fully affirmed the China Southern Power Grid liledagong. First, since 2003, Guangdong GDP average annual growth of more than 14%, during this period, the power shortfall for most of history. In 2006, from west to east to send the main channel of 129 days pressure limit operation, than last year increased 49 days, but China Southern Power Grid Company overall situation, skillfully led, doing everything possible to grasp Guangdong power grid construction, power grid safety and power supply, elaborate organization, increase the west to transport intensity, for early warning information management has done a very good, although the power gap is very big, but very few pull road power brownouts, strongly support the Guangdong Economic and social health of the rapid development.
Second, in 2006, Guangdong has become the most energy-efficient provinces, Guangdong Province Yuan GDP energy consumption in 2005 was 0.79 tons of standard coal, than in 2000 fell 7 percentage points, is only to 65.8% of the national average level, in 2006 yuan GDP energy consumption and over the previous year fell 3%, China Southern power grid play an important role. Huang Huahua said that West accounted for Guangdong society as a whole the proportion of electricity by 9.5 per cent in 2002 increased to 20.4% in 2006. In 2006, power transmission from west to East power reached 678 million kilowatts, compared with the previous year growth of nearly 30%, power transmission from west to East Guangdong brings a valuable clean energy and electricity more, to reduce unit GDP energy consumption in Guangdong Province more.
Third, the electric power energy saving result is remarkable. Huang Huahua said that Guangdong to 12% of electricity consumption growth, supported the growth of 14% of its GDP, the national yuan GDP energy consumption increased by 3%, Guangdong's electricity consumption continued to decline, 1152 kwh million yuan GDP energy consumption, compared with the previous year decreased 1.9%, than the national average power consumption 1349 kwh low 14.5%.

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