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Mechanical counter
meter counting wheel
Electromagnetic counter
Punch counter
Electronic counter
Liquid crystal counter
Linear velocity meter
Time controlled switch
Pneumatic automatic switch
Magnetic switch
Motor protector
Motor speed regulator
Hour Meter
Time relay
Temperature Controller
Water pump switch
Liquid level switch
Frequency converter
Proximity switch
Photoelectric switch
Solid state relay
Length measuring sensor / leng...
Hall switch
Speed switch

Zhejiang Dongji Electric Co. Ltd.

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Sales center: New Electrical City, No. 173
Tel: 0577-62755702
Zip code: 325604
Address: Yueqing City, Zhejiang province Liushi town Ma Ren Qiaodong building plan

Customer service hotline: telephone 0577-61728777/ 62725702/ fax 0577-62721702 Zhejiang ICP equipment 09018439

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