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The Northwest 750 main grid into the construction countdown

News source:Zhejiang Dongji Electric Co. Ltd.         Release time :2016-05-06         Browsing times:4544
The national development and Reform Commission issued a document to the northwest power grid of Laxiwa Hydropower Station 750 thousand volt sending project to carry out preparatory work. This marks the Northwest Power Grid 750 thousand volt main grid will enter the stage of comprehensive construction.
It is reported that associated with the project of specific projects, including the Xining official Pavilion, Lanzhou East - Yinchuan East, Rasiva Sinen, Lanzhou East Pingliang - Qianxian, Xining Yongdeng - silver, Guanting to Lanzhou East II to power transmission project.
National Development and Reform Commission requirements, project to further implement the land for construction, soil and water conservation and environmental protection and other external conditions and obtain relevant views of the Ministry of land and resources, Ministry of water resources and the State Environmental Protection Agency; to take economy of 750 kV and 330 kV sent scheme, further optimization of engineering design and investment scheme, strictly control the cost of the project; in the engineering construction, to further promote the power transmission and transformation equipment localization work and focus on improving the level of domestic production of 750 kV GIS equipment


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